Marvel strike force review – What is the best about the game?

One of the top rankings in the gaming era is Marvel strike force is getting so popular because of the role-playing concept. After launching of avenger infinity war, the developers Foxnext made the game in March 2018. Overall worldwide this game gain huge popularity too. The lovers of marvel surely play this because this is what a true marvel fan is. Famous hero characters to villains each character has its own fan base. At the beginning of the game, many of character is locked. In order to unlock the characters, we need to play various modes. Gold is considered as the main currency of the game, which is possible to generate by using strike force hack for free to easy purchasing.

Gameplay modes

The game allows players to collect reward, gold points, and characters. All these things can earn by playing battle modes and strike force hack for free resources. Game consists of many modes of battle like Raid, Challenge, Alliance war, and blitz. Each mode is different from each other; these battle divided into two teams hero and villains, and each team focuses on winning because winning provides experience points and gold. Every character has a special power, and it helps in the battle for winning against a rival.

The hero organization belongs to SHIELD and Villains belongs to The Hand, Hydra both organization have a rival story in comics. The developers tried to make this game more interesting putting challenge mode. In this mode a player has to fight to another player, it is like an online battle between two and only proper mindset and strategic person win. Challenge mode is to gain a lot of gold currency, but instead of battle there is strike force hack can be used for gold point currency.

Moreover, the epic combat battle between visual graphics and powers looks stunning while performing superpowers in battles.